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    New release 2.0.9

    woensdag 31 augustus 2016
    Download the latest releases for our free and pro version.Better MIDI remote...
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    DmxControlPro 2.0.5 Released

    donderdag 3 september 2015
    DmxControlPro 2.0.5 is released in the App Store!It has support for the Enttec DMX PRO...
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  • Support

    Watch the Getting Started - tutorial video in 2 minutes! It's in english now, a dutch version is also available here.
    NEW! ArtnetDmxControl for iPhone Tutorial
    NEW! Scene Module Tutorial
    Lightning DmxControl is a simple dmxcontroller for Mac OSX with 24 channels and 12 presets. It can output DMX through an Enttec Open DMX USB Interface (about 55 euro) or the Enttec USB DMX PRO. Further, it is remotely controllable by any Midi Controller.
    You can create presets by rightclicking a preset fader and choose 'Channels to Preset' from the context menu.
    You can also use a MIDI remote to control the faders. To do so, rightclick a fader and choose 'Midi Learn' from the contextmenu. Move a fader on the Midi Remote and it will be coupled, as simple as that!

    In case of problems, look at the FAQ page.