DmxControlPro 3

DmxControlPro 3: Slider window, Cue window and Video window
Introducing DmxControlPro 3, the ultimate DMX controller software that empowers you to create mesmerizing light shows with ease and precision. Building on the success of its predecessor, the pro version comes with an array of new features and enhancements that make it a must-have tool for lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features

DmxControlPro 3: Cue window, DMX Hardware and MIDI preferences

- Layered Cues: Combine Video, Audio, Images, and DMX to create dynamic and engaging cues. The addition of Video/Media cues in the cuelist allows you to trigger DMX, video, audio, and image cues, making your shows more versatile and captivating.

- Layers in Slider Window: Manage up to 256 sliders, giving you unparalleled control over your lighting setup.

- Enhanced Patchbay: With support for multiple universes, min/max values, and more, the new patchbay offers greater flexibility and control.

- Color Selection: Easily select channels per color with Option Click and enjoy a wider range of colors.

- Automatic TriggerNext Options: Automate your show with ease using the new triggerNext options.

- Panic Button: Quickly stop all cues with the new panic button feature in cues.

- Chases with Patterns: Create dynamic light shows with chases that include patterns.

- Tap Tempo: Easily sync your light show to the music with the tap tempo feature.

- Rebuilt in Swift: Experience improved performance and stability as the app is now completely rebuilt in Swift.

- Multiple DMX Devices Support: Control multiple DMX devices simultaneously for more complex setups.

- LTP Preset Control over Artnet: Control your LTP presets over Artnet, also compatible with our ArtnetDmxRemote iOS app.

- Apple Silicon Supported: Enjoy enhanced performance on Apple Silicon devices.

DmxControlPro 3: Patchbay and DMX Hardware

Supported USB-DMX Devices

- ultraDMX Micro (recommended)

- Enttec ODE (recommended)

- Enttec USB DMX Pro (recommended)

- Enttec Open DMX USB (not recommended)

- Artnet device (first found universe automatically connected)

Unleash your creativity and take your light shows to the next level with DmxControlPro v3. The addition of Video/Media cues is a game-changer, allowing you to create more immersive and dynamic shows. Download now and experience the difference!