If you have problems with DmxControlPro3, please use the terminal script below to send us information about your configuration.
If you have problems with recognizing USB or Artnet devices, please start DmxControlPro3, connect your device, wait for about a minute, then close the software.
After that, open the terminal app (CMD+SPACE, type terminal) and copy-paste the script below and press enter.
It will create a zip file on your desktop, which you can e-mail to us.

mkdir -p ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro
cp ~/Library/Containers/DmxControlPro3/Data/Library/Application\ Support/DmxControlPro3/log*.txt ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/
cp ~/Library/Containers/DmxControlPro3/Data/Library/Application\ Support/DmxControlPro3/autosave.json ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/
cp ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/DmxControlPro*.crash ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/
cp ~/Library/Logs/*DmxControlPro* ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/
echo `ls /dev/` > ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/dev.txt
echo `system_profiler SPUSBDataType` > ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/usb.txt
echo `sysctl -a` > ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/sysctl.txt
echo `system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType` > ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/osxversion.txt
echo `ifconfig` > ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/ifconfig.txt
cd ~/Desktop
zip -r nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro.zip ./nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro/*
rm -rf ~/Desktop/nl.jv.dmxcontrolpro
echo "Please send the created zip-file on your desktop to lightning@jv.nl"
echo "You can close this terminal window now"