Release notes

Soon available: Version 2.1.1
Compatible with Big Sur and with M1 Processor
Manual updated to explain Audio Video functionality in Scene Window. Youtube tutorial available
Video Window is now draggable anywhere in the window.
Main Menu Help Button now works when Scene Window is active.
Main menu - Windows and shortcuts show a window show a window when it's behind another window.
Column widths in scenes table are now remembered.
Scenes table has a button column to go to the clicked scene immediately, no need to type in the scene nr.

Version 2.1 (July 12th, 2021)
In this update we added Audio and Video features in the Scene Window.
After 'Go to Scene' the focus goes to the table, instead of the textfield. This new behaviour makes sure that the hotkeys keep working.
Go back button now exists.
Bugfix: Preferences saves midi ports Enabled status now.
Bugfix: Scene master at 0%, channels with 'Ignore Master' now works as expected

Version 2.0 (November 27th, 2013)
Optimized for 10.9 Mavericks
Hotkeys Learn implemented
Multiple row editing in patchbay
MIDI MSC compatibility (for working with QLab for example).
New look.
Ignore Master feature on Channels
More detailed help files
Force Artnet Preferences
Updated to work correctly under 10.6.8
Streamlined scenes window and functionality.
CPU Optimized