Scene window

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In the scene window one can create snapshots of a setting to use at a later time. The best way to learn how to use it is watching the video tutorial.

How to get there

Press [OPTION+S] for the Scene Window to appear or choose MainMenu > Window > Scene Window

Automate with QLab
It's possible to use Midi Show Control (MSC) controllers to control Lightning DmxControl. In order to make this work, there is a column MSC Cue in the Scenes Table.

In QLab, which is free available at, you can create an MSC Cue (CMD + 8). In the inspector below click the Midi Show Control Message Tab. Choose Command Format 'All Types' or 'Lightning(General)', Set the Command to 'GO', leave DeviceID to 0 and fill in the Q Number. This last number should correspond with the MSC Cue Number in Lightning DmxControl.‎

Using AV

You can add a video, audiofile and/or image to a scene. To show video the video, open the Video window from the windows menu. Drag it to the screen you want it on and double click to make it full screen. Double click again to remove full-screen. To add a file to a scene, double click on the folder icon of the column of your choice. If you want the next scene after a video or audio file to stop playing, just type 'stop' in the AV field. In case of a video the current frame stays visible. You can also type 'clear' to remove the previous video from the screen and show a black screen. The image field can also be used to type 'clear' to remove the last image and set the screen to black. If you started a video or audiofile at a scene and you add an image to the next scene, the video or audiofile will continue playing, but the image will be overlayed over the video. (But you can still hear the audio of the videofile).

Configuring MIDI for interapplication operation.

The IAC Midi bus can cause trouble in lightning when the same bus is turned on at the midi input as well as the midi output. It will cause double clicks on buttons for instance, resulting in skipping every other scene. DmxControlPro has it's on virtual midi ports, that can be used in other software, It is best practice to disable unused midi ports in the Preferences Window. Lightning automatically recognized the new MIDI port. MIDI Configuration Screenshot QLab Default Preferences