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In the patchbay you can connect slider channels to actual DMX channels. This way, you can connect more than 64 channels. You can also connect a slider channel to multiple DMX channels. 

TIP: A DMX channel that is not connected to a slider can be set to a static value by double clicking on the value field. It can also be given a name.

Editing channels at once

To edit multiple rows at once, click on a row in the Patchbay Window. SHIFT-click on another item to select the whole range. With CMD-click you can include or exclude individual rows. If you doubleclick on the Channel column, Description column or Value column, you can change the value for all selected rows at once. If you decide not to change the items when you have allready doubleclicked, use the ESC key. Another useful option is rightclicking on the Channel column. There is a contextmenu-item 'Sequence Channels', this makes it possible to enter for instance value 5 and then the selected rows will be connected to channelsliders 5, 6, 7 etc.