Supported devices

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This version of Lightning supports the following USB DMX Devices:

- ultraDMX Micro (recommended)
- Enttec USB Dmx Pro (recommended)
- Mini USB

Devices like the Enttec Open USB DMX are neither supported nor recommended, the reason for this is that they completely rely on the computer for the DMX timing. If your computer is very busy, this can cause flickering or even temporary blackouts. The other devices will send DMX frames as long as they receive power from the usb bus. So when the computer is very busy with other things, it will continue the last known DMX channel values. ultraDmX Micro is recommended since it is as stable as the Enttec USB Dmx Pro, but cheaper.

Art-Net 3
Lightning DmxControl supports the Art-Net 3 protocol. Usually you don't even have to configure anything. It should recognize your Art-Net device if it is in the same (Wifi) network. Sometimes devices (or Art-Net monitoring-software) don't send an ArtNetReply packet. In that case Lightning doesn't know which universe/subnet/net to use. In that case you could try the utility menu -> Force Artnet option.