Release notes for Lightning DmxControl

November 27st 2013 - Version V2.0 almost released
Optimized for 10.9 Mavericks
Hotkeys Learn implemented
Multiple row editing in patchbay
MIDI MSC compatibility (for working with QLab for example).
New look.
Ignore Master feature on Channels
More detailed help files
Force Artnet Preferences
Updated to work correctly under 10.6.8
Streamlined scenes window and functionality.
CPU Optimized

December 21st 2012 - Version V1.6 released
- Support for UltraDmx Micro (recommended interface!)
- Support for SOH DMX512PC interface
- Art-Net V3 support (with universe/subnet/net) - Improvement of Art-Net detection (automatic universe detection, application connects to first found universe). - Patch-bay supports manual setting of dmxChannels not connected to sliders. - Dutch Localization added

December 1st 2012 - Version V1.5 released
- This version was never supposed to be released, I didn't know how to reject it from the App Store. I apologise to people who downloaded it.

June 29th 2012 - Version V1.4 released
- Artnet support added.
- Sandboxing security integrated.

May 30th 2012 - Version V1.3 released
Support for mini usb dmx device added.

April 5th 2012 - Version V1.1.1 released
Patchbay added. Now you can patch an internal channel to another or multiple dmx channels.

December 9st 2011 - Version V1.0.11 released
Channel Reset Button added: when clicked, all channels will go to 0.
In the PresetSlider contextmenu I changed 'Save Channels to Preset' to 'Create Preset from Channels' to state more clearly what it does.
In the PresetSlider contextmenu I added an item 'Preset to Channels'. This brings the faders of the channel layer up to show the actual preset and sets the preset fader to 0. This way you can edit the setting. After editing you could use 'Create Preset From Channels' to save the preset again.
When a slider is scrolled, the MIDI gets updated. This should also resolve a bug with scrolling one slider and clicking the next.
Known issues:
- Midi NRPN mode does not synchronize the midi remote fader when the coupled onscreen fader is moved.

December 7st 2011 - Version V1.0.10 released
Enttec Dmx Usb Pro supported! (Only normal DMX output mode, no input, no RDM).
Known issues:
- Midi NRPN mode does not synchronize the midi remote fader when the coupled onscreen fader is moved.

December 2st 2011 - Version V1.0.9 released
Bug with bump buttons above 100% resolved, now really;)
Problem resolved where after 'Save channels to preset' the preset was already active, although the presetslider was down.
Known issues:
- Midi NRPN mode does not synchronize the midi remote fader when the coupled onscreen fader is moved.

December 1st 2011 - Version V1.0.6 released
Bug with bump buttons above 100% resolved
Problem resolved where the channelfaders on a restart of the application were up, but there was no dmx output until you moved the fader.

November 30th 2011 - Version V1.0.5 released
BlackLeather look.
Bump buttons with integrated labels, MIDI remote with controlchange or note-numbers.
NRPN midi support (14bit steps in the sliders).
Blackout button

November 22th 2011 - Version V1.0.4 released
Dmx interface is now hot pluggable. By polling every 5 seconds, the cpu usage is lowered when there's no dmx interface connected.
The application is renamed to JV Lighting DmxControl for AppStore purposes.

November 17th 2011 - Version V1.03 released
Combined 32-bit/64-bit support - now Macs from before 2008 (but running Snow Leopard) can use it.

November 14th 2011 - Version V1.01 released
Midi now works both ways.
When you adjust a fader on screen, the corresponding midi controller will be outputted to all midi ports.

The first time the program was started, it didn't remember it's settings. Resolved.

Midi Settings are remembered on exit now.

November 9th 2011 - Version V1.0 released
Initial version.